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  • sadie jones: the outcast: a novel

    sadie jones: the outcast: a novel
    what is it with me picking really dark books at the moment? isn't there anything out there that is happy? (***)

  • andrew bavidson: the gargoyle

    andrew bavidson: the gargoyle
    dark, dark and more dark. i should have figured this out from the blackened book spine. good, thought provoking. not sure i would recommend it. (**)

  • stephenie meyer: breaking dawn

    stephenie meyer: breaking dawn
    didn't go to the usa as planned so had to buy this in hardback. (****)

  • rohinton mistry: a fine balance

    rohinton mistry: a fine balance
    my friend kelly warned me this was sad. without that warning i'm not sure i could have taken it, but knowing this, i really loved this book. mistry has an amazing ability to help you see why it's important to try to view things from another person's perspective. (*****)

  • stephenie meyer: eclipse

    stephenie meyer: eclipse
    yep still enjoying these. (****)

  • stephenie meyer: new moon

    stephenie meyer: new moon
    once i got started, i had to finish the saga...i saw someone say this made them wish they were 13 again and i have to agree. it's very well done. (****)

  • kate furnivall: the russian concubine

    kate furnivall: the russian concubine
    while i got a little confused between the characters for the first half of this book, and i wished i had a little more political context, i enjoyed this. set in pre-revolutionary china, this looks at a russian girl who falls in love with a chinese communist. (***)

  • stephenie meyer: twilight (the twilight saga, book 1)

    stephenie meyer: twilight (the twilight saga, book 1)
    i had four people recommend this over a two day period so when i saw it in the airport bookstore i picked it up. having liked buffy, i really enjoyed it and have now bought book 2. (****)

  • jane harris: the observations

    jane harris: the observations
    despite a relatively distracting voice, bessy--the protagonist in this story--grows on you and i enjoyed this story despite its flaws. (***)

  • sara gruen: water for elephants: a novel

    sara gruen: water for elephants: a novel
    four or five friends recommended this book before i wrote off to amazon to order it. i can understand why it has a viral following. it's great--good writing, gripping story, solid characters. well worth reading and my favourite new book of 2008. (*****)


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Alex Fontaneta

I STRONGLY disagree with you. if you were to dress up as a nazi, i am sure that no one would care. but since the hottest prince ever did it, everyone is makig na big deal about it. in my opinion, it is none of anyone's buisness except his and his family's. so i hope you stop putting bad publicity up about him. yes it was a stupid decision to make, but it is a decision that you have nothing to do with


I think Harry's behaviour was disgraceful and shameful and it was an insult to all those related to the Holocaust. Also, he was criticized by media not because he is the hottest prince around (and anyway I personally think that Prince William is more handsome!!) but simply because HE is third in line to the throne and so he is expected to show at least a little bit of common sense!!


What I have to say I really can't put into words right at the moment so I'm just going to say them instead of make it into this big lecture, Yes I think It was a poor judge of character but look at his life its been nothing but difficult and if you look closer the people to blam is the media. Harry did not go to that party to stand In front of the camara saying "look at me," "look at me." they were the ones saying "look at this," "look at this." what I want to know is why anyone would stand there and wonder why he acts the way he does when its so obvious the other thing I want to know is how could the media not care about his feelings first but think it ok to worry about what he wears

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