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  • sadie jones: the outcast: a novel

    sadie jones: the outcast: a novel
    what is it with me picking really dark books at the moment? isn't there anything out there that is happy? (***)

  • andrew bavidson: the gargoyle

    andrew bavidson: the gargoyle
    dark, dark and more dark. i should have figured this out from the blackened book spine. good, thought provoking. not sure i would recommend it. (**)

  • stephenie meyer: breaking dawn

    stephenie meyer: breaking dawn
    didn't go to the usa as planned so had to buy this in hardback. (****)

  • rohinton mistry: a fine balance

    rohinton mistry: a fine balance
    my friend kelly warned me this was sad. without that warning i'm not sure i could have taken it, but knowing this, i really loved this book. mistry has an amazing ability to help you see why it's important to try to view things from another person's perspective. (*****)

  • stephenie meyer: eclipse

    stephenie meyer: eclipse
    yep still enjoying these. (****)

  • stephenie meyer: new moon

    stephenie meyer: new moon
    once i got started, i had to finish the saga...i saw someone say this made them wish they were 13 again and i have to agree. it's very well done. (****)

  • kate furnivall: the russian concubine

    kate furnivall: the russian concubine
    while i got a little confused between the characters for the first half of this book, and i wished i had a little more political context, i enjoyed this. set in pre-revolutionary china, this looks at a russian girl who falls in love with a chinese communist. (***)

  • stephenie meyer: twilight (the twilight saga, book 1)

    stephenie meyer: twilight (the twilight saga, book 1)
    i had four people recommend this over a two day period so when i saw it in the airport bookstore i picked it up. having liked buffy, i really enjoyed it and have now bought book 2. (****)

  • jane harris: the observations

    jane harris: the observations
    despite a relatively distracting voice, bessy--the protagonist in this story--grows on you and i enjoyed this story despite its flaws. (***)

  • sara gruen: water for elephants: a novel

    sara gruen: water for elephants: a novel
    four or five friends recommended this book before i wrote off to amazon to order it. i can understand why it has a viral following. it's great--good writing, gripping story, solid characters. well worth reading and my favourite new book of 2008. (*****)


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Ok, I just want to point out that I AM being nice in regards to last night’s item prepared from the Dinner Lady. There was some question about whether it counts as one of the 10 meals Shannon has to cook since it was a "crisp" pie, also known as a crumble in the UK. Shannon already makes a lot of these. The key distinguishing factor with this new crisp was a slight change to the concoction of the crispy top, the inclusion of banana, and cooking of the apples beforehand. Not really huge changes and we both agreed that it didn't work as well as her "original" recipe. But I let it slide. That's really big of me, I think...


If we were to discount one recipe that Shannon used because of lack of novelty, where would it end? I mean, after a while, chicken is chicken is chicken etc.

My strategy in this regard is to go ethnic in my cookbook purchases. Your cookbook library sounds pretty extensive though, so you might already have all those bases covered.

After we visited with you last year, I bought an Indian cookbook with the sole intention of being able to make a Saag Aloo like the one we had at your local Indian take away place. It had fresh, green, still recognizable spinach instead of the brown slurry most of the places here serve. I've gotten a lot of use out of that one.


Sorry Shannon, but I am with Rich on this one. I even mentioned to Heidi what a great idea I thought it was. ;)


It's becoming clear that opinion on this follows party lines pretty strictly (men v women).


in case it wasn't clear, I vote that Richard is mean.

Account Deleted

Debra and I have established our own sort of Mutually Assured Destruction when it comes to purchases. I don't bug her about the cookbooks and $120 face cream and she doesn't give me grief over the gadgets and the clothes. It works beautifully if you ignore the damage to our credit card. I say go for the Jo Pratt and let Richard indulge his own fetish for...whatever it is he has a fetish for. Freedom!


rah-rah! i think the vote is in my favour, particularly if you count the number of comments (thanks michelle :) )


Thanks a lot, Richard! I thought I was screwed on Feb 27 when John came running home to tell me all about this brilliant idea. Well, since then: 1. I immediately realized an easy workaround. Let's just buy each other books! Those would be gifts, and it would be rude to refuse them, if you ask me. I've got my list in-hand, when you're ready! 2. I have a new book or two or so, and realized I am burning through them anyway. For example, if you make a soup in the Moosewood Low-Fat cookbook, just make sure you also use their stock recipe. That's two right there.

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