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  • sadie jones: the outcast: a novel

    sadie jones: the outcast: a novel
    what is it with me picking really dark books at the moment? isn't there anything out there that is happy? (***)

  • andrew bavidson: the gargoyle

    andrew bavidson: the gargoyle
    dark, dark and more dark. i should have figured this out from the blackened book spine. good, thought provoking. not sure i would recommend it. (**)

  • stephenie meyer: breaking dawn

    stephenie meyer: breaking dawn
    didn't go to the usa as planned so had to buy this in hardback. (****)

  • rohinton mistry: a fine balance

    rohinton mistry: a fine balance
    my friend kelly warned me this was sad. without that warning i'm not sure i could have taken it, but knowing this, i really loved this book. mistry has an amazing ability to help you see why it's important to try to view things from another person's perspective. (*****)

  • stephenie meyer: eclipse

    stephenie meyer: eclipse
    yep still enjoying these. (****)

  • stephenie meyer: new moon

    stephenie meyer: new moon
    once i got started, i had to finish the saga...i saw someone say this made them wish they were 13 again and i have to agree. it's very well done. (****)

  • kate furnivall: the russian concubine

    kate furnivall: the russian concubine
    while i got a little confused between the characters for the first half of this book, and i wished i had a little more political context, i enjoyed this. set in pre-revolutionary china, this looks at a russian girl who falls in love with a chinese communist. (***)

  • stephenie meyer: twilight (the twilight saga, book 1)

    stephenie meyer: twilight (the twilight saga, book 1)
    i had four people recommend this over a two day period so when i saw it in the airport bookstore i picked it up. having liked buffy, i really enjoyed it and have now bought book 2. (****)

  • jane harris: the observations

    jane harris: the observations
    despite a relatively distracting voice, bessy--the protagonist in this story--grows on you and i enjoyed this story despite its flaws. (***)

  • sara gruen: water for elephants: a novel

    sara gruen: water for elephants: a novel
    four or five friends recommended this book before i wrote off to amazon to order it. i can understand why it has a viral following. it's great--good writing, gripping story, solid characters. well worth reading and my favourite new book of 2008. (*****)


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Glad you're making yourself useful. As usual. Rx

Account Deleted

I have to agree. Nothing is quite as satisfying as pulling weeds, especially when you are chasing a setting sun. Next time, though, leave the digger in the shed and try it bare-handed. Hauling a dandelion out of the ground, root and all, with nothing more than your oh-so-dirty fingers is more rewarding than you can imagine.


That takes some serious technique, though, if you're not going to leave the roots behind. I guess that's part of the satisfaction, although the crack you get when you break the root can be a little disheartening.


i know what you mean but i can't do it by hand--i get carpal tunnel or rsi or something almost instantly. the next day my hands feel awful. i also find that while i'm left handed, i seem to do all my weeding with my right hand (is this to protect my good hand? i have always wondered) and i end up with cracked nails and scratched hands etc. i definitely have learned the hard way to stay with the gloves and handy digger.

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