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You have now!

Adam Catlin

My name is Adam Catlin, and I am the author of the recently released novel Until August, which has been recently covered in the Kansas State University Collegian, the Newton Daily Kansan, the Derby Daily Informer, the Southwestern College Collegian, and the Atchison Daily Globe, and talked about on KMAN AM 1030, a Manhattan radio station. A book signing for Until August this past weekend at Varney's Book Store in Aggieville was very successful.
I am currently finishing my second novel On A Clear Day, You Can See Conway, a fictional story involving a newspaper editor, the woman in his life, and the mentor who helped get him there. I am interested in getting your perspective on getting my facts right involving aspects of Conway Springs and the newspaper office there. Please contact me so I can make sure this book turns out to be not only factual and entertaining, but something someone in Conway Springs can be very proud of.

Thank you,

Adam Catlin

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